Oct 16

A Milestone for Project X

Project X — ADstruc’s OOH media buying service — launched three months ago today to help advertisers use technology to plan targeted, data-backed OOH campaigns.

Here’s a look at some of the campaigns Project X has built thus far, partnering with forward-thinking companies like Homejoy, Sharethrough, ZIRX, BarkBox, Namely, Spring and Zara Terez.

If you’re interested in taking a data-driven approach to outdoor advertising, write to to learn how our technology can help you build the most efficient OOH media plan possible.

Oct 15

ADstruc Updated: Expanded Bulk Edit & Search-Based Builder Grids

Expanded bulk edit grid

The bulk-editing feature, which is accessible by clicking “Edit Units” on the proposal-building page, has been expanded so that any aspect of a unit or package can be revised. Alter (or, if missing, add) information like TAB ID, sizing, or spot length/loop at any time — even after your proposal has been submitted.

Expanded search-based builder grid

When you add units to a proposal via the “Search & Add Inventory” feature, you’ll notice a grid with more columns. Information like TAB ID, location description, etc. will automatically populate in the appropriate columns based on the inventory data stored within the system. However, if any information is missing or incorrect, you can now address it in the grid, and it will be saved to the unit’s profile moving forward.

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Jul 10

ADstruc Update: Improved MediaGrid, Revamped Place-Based and Bulk Editing

Enhanced MediaGrid

The ADstruc Media Grid has been updated to run quicker and smoother. You can now expand column widths and see more of the information you enter into each cell.

Intuitive place-based media packages

We’ve made vast changes to the way the ADstruc Proposal Builder supports place-based media like malls and stations. You’ll now be able to propose these formats with greater ease, using a modified grid built specifically for place-based media. To schedule a demo of this new feature, reach out to our Account Manager, Pete Anderson (

Expanded bulk editing

Edit packaged media line items in bulk the same way you can edit individual locations. Once you’ve added packages to your proposal, click “Edit Coverage Packages” to revisit your information in Media Grid and make any changes necessary.

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Jun 19

What Traffic Congestion, Car Speeds Mean for Outdoor Ads

Via The Wall Street Journal

Are you likelier to pay attention to a billboard on the side of the road when you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic than if you’re driving at normal speed?

To better estimate how many people are actually looking at outdoor ads, the industry’s independent auditor, The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc., is releasing the first major revision to its out of home ratings system to include new data points such as traffic congestion and vehicle speed. As part of the new system, TAB will also for the first time measure individual spots on digital billboards as well as ads posted on buses and trains.

Rising competition from digital media has made it more important for traditional media to improve their audience measures, a point TAB CEO Joe Philport made in an interview.

“With mobile and digital, the need for accountability increases every day and the need to have numbers that align with the numbers that advertisers are using to assess other media increases,” Mr. Philport said.

Historically, the outdoor industry had relied on a metric known as “daily effective circulation,” which estimated the average number of people or cars that passed a billboard and were potentially exposed to its ad. TAB in 2010 released its own ratings system to more accurately estimate impressions, or how many people actually looked at an ad, an effort to help advertisers better gauge their return on investment on outdoor media.

The latest iteration of TAB’s out of home ratings incorporates traffic congestion data from big data company Inrix as well as additional eye-tracking field research that takes into account the amount of time it took to pass an ad and the amount of time the consumer was in contact with an ad to measure whether the ad was noticed or not. This expands upon the variety of data that TAB already employs in its metrics, including traffic volumes from transit authorities and research from earlier eye-tracking studies that assessed how an ad’s size and distance from the road affected the likelihood it would be seen.

“Out of home is still a relatively small medium and it presents measurement challenges because the inventory is dispersed,” Mr. Philport said. He noted that the outdoor category includes many different formats that require different types of measurement techniques.

The enhancements to TAB’s out of home ratings systems are meant to address ad movement, such as ads that rotate on digital billboards or move through other markets on buses. A digital billboard typically rotates between six and 10 ads at a time and those ads can be on screen for varying levels of time. TAB previously measured digital billboards as if the ad was static, but will now report ratings for each spot in rotation.

To measure transit ads – which include ads on the exterior of buses, on the interior of trains and at transit stations – TAB also incorporated traffic information around a bus’s route and counts of passengers and commuters on public transportation.

Outdoor’s “true potential has yet to be realized by many advertisers, they’re still thinking of it using an old paradigm of out of home instead of a contemporary one,” Mr. Philport said. One major selling point for billboards and other outdoor media is the ability to hyper-localize ads.

The outdoor advertising industry has posted single-digit growth rates in recent years – a contrast to the struggles of print advertising and other traditional media. Interpublic Group’s research and ad buying unit Magna Global projects outdoor advertising revenue to increase 4% this year, a rate similar to last year’s. Magna Global expects out-of-home media to maintain its 7% market share in the next five years.

Digital formats are an important part of the outdoor industry’s steady growth. Digital formats made up 10% of out of home revenues, including cinema, last year and Magna Global expects digital’s share of outdoor advertising to rise to 22% by 2019.

Jun 12

New ADstruc Feature: Improved Info Card

Redesigned Info Card

The Info Card layout has been modified to present unit details in a much larger format. You’ll now find edge-to-edge photos and a scrollable window that allows you to view all of the vital information that applies to a given unit — including the name of the vendor, the quantity and the unit’s dimensions.

See the full picture

The new Info Card not only features larger inset photos, but by clicking on a unit’s photo, you’ll open a full, un-cropped version of the image.

Creative Preview

Upload your own creative to preview how it will look like in the wild.


Take a virtual ride of your potential media with our Google Streetview integration.

Jun 05

Creative Review: YouTube

In this week’s, “Creative Review”, Coop talks about YouTube’s latest OOH ads that can be found everywhere in NYC.

I like the recent YouTube ads from a purely creative point of view. They hit all the right buttons. Clear visuals, simple message, aspirational (as they say). I do have a little bit of a backstory here though which taints my overall opinion. One of my first projects in NY was turning a YouTube star into a make up brand. The girl was Lauren Luke, a single mom from a pretty grim place in the North of England. We flew her to NY, made her into a brand and successfully sold her product in Sephora. We also made a Super Nintendo game with her and got her a column in a national newspaper. Not bad.

Lauren was clearly a very talented make up artist - still is. But she is not what you would call a classical beauty. One of the reasons we liked her was because she didn’t look or act like the overly made up people you see in make up stores. She was real. And that was what YouTube was all about. Anybody could make it. It was a TV platform for the people.

There are still stories like this. Everyday Joes found on YouTube and turned into stars. But the stories are fewer and all seem to feature the same sorts of people. Young, good looking, confident people. The sort of people that you suspect might make it anyway. If not on YouTube then somewhere else.

This is not a bad thing but I do miss the days when someone totally random and a little odd became a star on YouTube. I’d love to see some posters of them.

Everyone does.

Jun 04

Creative Review: The Hundreds

In this week’s, “Creative Review”, Coop talks about “The Hundred’s” billboard seen on Canal Street in NYC.

Ok, I am probably too old to really to be completely in step with all the cool shit The Hundreds do but I do see this as a missed opportunity. There is something to be said for just slapping your big ass logo up there, white and black and the address - no website either - I like the bling of that. If bling is still a word? Do the kids say bling? I don’t think they do. You can argue that the simplicity is classy, confident.

But… but… a quick look at The Hundreds’ Instagram feed and you can see they do some really interesting stuff. Cool collaborations and some really original design work. So if you’re gonna go large and buy a billboard in SoHo why not show your wares a little bit. I’m not sure enough people know what The Hundreds’s signature style is yet.

Supreme could get away with doing a giant billboard with just their logo because everyone knows their aesthetic and product. But then Supreme are way too cool to advertise.

So there you have it. Too cool to show your product but not cool enough that you don’t need to remind people that you have a store in downtown NY. It’s not easy is it. Who would be a client?

May 02

Vendor Platform Updates

Search by TAB ID

When building a proposal within ADstruc, and selecting “Add Existing Inventory,” you can now search by TAB ID in addition to searching by Unit ID. This way, if there’s ever a discrepancy in the way a unit is labeled, you can revert to using its independent TAB ID.

Improved photos

No longer are photos cropped when uploaded to display your units. Now your photos will be seen precisely as you intend, in the exact same format as the file you upload.

Simplified Media Grid categories

You’ll now notice an improved layout within ADstruc’s Media Grid. Changes have been made to better reflect the way vendors represent their media. For instance, the “Title” column has been relabeled “Location Description” and “Description” has been changed to “Description/Rationale,” and is no longer a required field.

ADstruc feature reminders

Did you know that ADstruc maps all units with lat/long coordinates so buyers see their exact location? Or that ADstruc’s TAB integration means impression data is automatically available for all audited units? Using ADstruc means never having to input this information manually into your proposals again!

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Apr 17

Vendor Platform Updates

Improved Search

Search speed has been improved so that adding existing units to proposals is now faster than ever. Note also that the search field accepts unit IDs pasted from Excel — even multiple units at once. And don’t worry about adding commas between each unit. As long as there’s a space between units, the search feature will function correctly.

Intuitive unit ordering

When existing inventory is now added to a proposal, it will appear in ascending numerical order, which saves time when working back and forth between Media Grid and offline spreadsheets.

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Apr 11