Apr 17

Vendor Platform Updates

Improved Search

Search speed has been improved so that adding existing units to proposals is now faster than ever. Note also that the search field accepts unit IDs pasted from Excel — even multiple units at once. And don’t worry about adding commas between each unit. As long as there’s a space between units, the search feature will function correctly.

Intuitive unit ordering

When existing inventory is now added to a proposal, it will appear in ascending numerical order, which saves time when working back and forth between Media Grid and offline spreadsheets.

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Apr 11


Apr 03

Platform Updates

Media-specific pins

In Proposal View, the pins that signify property locations now feature colors that correspond with different media types. An accompanying legend helps explain which media type is represented by each color.

Vendor Platform Updates

ADstruc is excited to announce new product features designed to make your experience using the application better than ever.

Media grid for packages

Operators selling transit, street furniture or other packaged media no longer need to designate their proposals’ coverage areas with a map-drawing tool. Instead, they’ll use our familiar media grid, which features compatibility with common Excel shortcuts like copy and paste.

Saved packages

Once a media package has been added to a proposal, it will remain saved within ADstruc for future use. Vendors who find themselves consistently offering the same great packages can add those packages with a simple point and click — no additional effort needed.

Improved buttons

When using our proposal-building tool, vendors will notice larger, more descriptive buttons to guide their experience. Simply click the button featuring the media type you wish to propose, and proceed as usual.

If you want to know more about the new features — or have questions about ADstruc in general — please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by writing to

Apr 02

A Creative Review: Equinox

In this week’s, “Creative Review”, Coop is fired up about the messaging behind Equinox’s latest advertising campaign. Maybe it was because he was stuck on a subway for an hour with a sick passenger, maybe it was because his morning tea and crumpets were cold, who knows, but one thing is for sure, he’s bringing out the negative energy.

In theory the internet should save advertising - at least the creative part of it.

Let me explain. In theory everyone should know everything about all products by now. In theory you should know everything about Equinox because you can just look at their site online or talk to your friends who have been there via the social network of your choice. So, in theory, all advertising - especially large format like OOH, should have to do is show some attitude and remind you to go purchase. In other words it’s there to build a brand. So the internet should be a boon for creative advertising. And yet rarely does it work like that.

These equinox ads are an attempt at pure brand advertising though. So I’m gonna give them props for that. No matter that they are very similar to the Jambox ads, again, you don’t need to know anything about the product, you should already know what a Jambox does and why it’s better than a Bose box or whatever. The Jambox, like Equinox, is an enabler.

These ads are fantasy. They are all about showing the person you want to be. Forgive me a little for my rant here. I hate gyms. I associate them with being injured because the only time I ever go to gyms is when I’m having rehab. Couple of torn ACLs playing soccer and a fucked up IT Band when training for the marathon. So I might not be the best person to comment on these ads, but that never stopped me before. In my head, Gyms = Tools. What can I say? There is almost nothing any gym brand could do - especially in the US - that would make be believe I’m not going to be sharing machines with preening juice heads.

Probably every gym thinks they will be the gym that is not known for tools. I can see that strategy - even though they are your core paying customer - there is a strategy of, ‘We are not like the other places. We are for cool, chilled out, sophisticated, dudes who may or may not have been schooled in Europe and appreciate a vintage Benz’. Well listen, I am that fucking dude. And I don’t buy it. I’ve been to the Tribeca Equinox and I didn’t see any of these guys there. Just bros in tanks, lifting.

So what is this ad for? I think it might be more for people who have already got their equinox membership. If you really want new sign ups I think you do a pretty flat out deal based message. This strikes me as the ad that makes you feel good about the fact that you pay for something each month or you paid the whole year in January. It makes you feel good about your purchase and continuing loyalty to Equinox. It re-affirms that you are on the road to cool, not driving a muscle car but a sweet seventies Mercedes.

Advertising can do that.

Mar 11

Investing in the future of OOH

March 11, 2014

We started ADstruc with a vision to better connect the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry, enabled through a technology platform providing operational workflow for OOH buyers and sellers. Over the last 4 years, we diligently asked questions and intently listened to the industry’s answers. By engaging in this process, we learned how to build the right product and built relationships with companies who became important partners. We are also fortunate to have investors who believe in us and continue to support our vision for the OOH industry.

Today, one of those relationships became both a great partner and a great investor. We are excited to announce IPG (Interpublic Group) invested $2M in ADstruc for a 10% equity stake in the company. We are also excited to share that Rapport U.S., IPG’s global OOH specialist agency, has signed on to process their billings through ADstruc.

One thing is guaranteed: the way OOH media agencies plan and buy is changing. Every agency is in the game of improving their speed, output, and service to their clients to avoid losing out to other media types with more efficient and accountable processes. Yet, the OOH industry continues to be challenged by a cumbersome and disjointed process.

It is absolutely critical to the success of the industry that OOH is planned more effectively, bought more efficiently, and better connected. By streamlining the process, ADstruc enables agency account teams to maximize their time spent on client service and results, rather than on Excel, PDF maps, and Photosheets.

Today, IPG and Rapport set an example for the industry: one of the biggest advertising holding companies understands the importance of optimizing its operational workflow for OOH. ADstruc is proud to be their partner in that pursuit. Who will be next?

While we reflect on the past, learn in the present, and invest in the future, I want to recognize the tireless commitment and everyday hard work of the ADstruc team. Their teamwork and belief in the vision and opportunity ahead for the OOH industry makes me tremendously proud.

Today is simply a checkpoint, a recognition of the progress we have made toward achieving our vision of better connecting the OOH industry. We are excited to continue working on the future of this industry and making it easier to plan and buy OOH media.

John F. Laramie

CEO, ADstruc

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Mar 07

A Creative Review: Resurrection

Welcome back to A Creative Review with James Cooper. Today Coop ponders the strategy behind the ABC television show, Resurrection.

Resurrection is what ABC is calling a Television Event. I’m not entirely sure what that means other than they are spending a lot of money on it and clearly hope it’s going to be The Next Big Thing. I don’t know much about the show beyond the numerous trailers that I’ve seen and a few friends saying that it is based on French show that was really good. ABC tends to water things down a bit too much for my liking. You can see the way it’s even filmed - the colors are milky compared to the more vibrant colors of AMC’s Breaking Bad for example. But it’s an intriguing thought and great shows like Lost are all about asking questions at the start.

These billboards do a great job of setting up these questions. I love the simplicity of them. Handwritten white font on a backlit black screen really pops - especially when everything else is so colorful.

What is also interesting about these ads is they remind me a little of the religious billboards you see around the country. Quite often the headline is a simple quote from the bible. Who knows how far Resurrection is going to take the religious theme but again as a simple way to get people talking I think these do a pretty good job.

Feb 18

Agency Capabilities Overview

ADstruc is the leading planning and buying platform for the Out-of-Home industry. It’s been our mission since day one to make it easier to buy and sell outdoor advertising. So, to show you how we did it, we made our agency capabilities overview public for everyone to see.

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Jan 23

Our New Platform Updates Help You Build Smarter Media Plans

Market TRPs Summary

For TAB members, our TAB OOH Ratings integration ensures your outdoor campaigns target the right demographic. Our Market Summary pane now includes a market-by-market breakdown of your average weekly TRPs so you understand how effectively you’re reaching the folks buying your clients’ products and services.

CPM Data Now Available

Data enables you to make smarter buying decisions, and we’re committed to giving you what you need to build and execute a winning media plan. All TAB-audited media in ADstruc will now be accompanied by a CPM calculation to help you understand whether any given unit is a wise use of your client’s ad budget.

New Proposal Creation Workflow Updates

Place-Based Proposal Automation

When you created Indoor and Place-Based proposals on ADstruc in the past, say for Airport or Shopping Mall media, you had to input a venue name and its latitude/longitude coordinates that you probably didn’t have handy. Now you can skip digging up coordinates and just add the venue—we’ll automatically fill in the lat/longs behind the scenes!

New Coverage Package Workflow

Proposing small or mobile media just became easier. We gave our coverage package workflow a facelift to simplify the process of proposing media like street furniture and transit.

MediaGrid Required Fields Now Labeled

Hate it when you fill out a form only to be reminded that you missed a required field you didn’t see? So do we! Next time you complete MediaGrid to send your proposal, you’ll know right away which data is required so you can quickly create proposals and get on with the rest of your day.